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The Van Helsing Family

You didn't think the story ended there...did you?

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Hi, thanks for checking out our community. This is where ladynorbert and clez post rough draft bits and pieces of the novel trilogy they are co-writing. The stories are centered around the descendants of Professor Abraham Van Helsing, of Dracula fame.

The name of the community comes from Harker Hall, which is the home of the current generation of Van Helsings. The plot of the trilogy was loosely inspired by the plot of a game which the two of us play with some of our other friends, and some of the characters are likewise inspired by characters from that game and are 'on loan' to us, with the permission of their creators. So we owe our pals a debt of gratitude!

We use certain well-known actors and actresses as 'avatars' for our characters, to give ourselves a stronger mental image when writing, but these individuals are in no way affiliated with this project, nor are we in any way connected to any of them. You may see art posted here, done by one of the two of us or as gifts from friends and readers, which make use of the likenesses of those people.

Only the two authors have posting ability in this community, and except for the welcoming post, all posts will be locked to members only. Community membership is moderated, as well.

Finally -- all literary content found in this community, unless otherwise indicated, is the intellectual property of the two authors and is copyrighted to them. Good, now that we've got all that legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, let's get on to the fun stuff!